Extra things

This seems like a never ending process for me. There are countless methods for how to be rid of things you no longer use once and for all but it has taken me, many attempts at each method.

Something that always held me back was thinking that the item still had so much use left and that by donating, it would just get lost in an endless pile. There are so many great articles about where the items actually go that are donated. (That is for another post though). If you are interested in learning about fast fashion read this.

I started by taking everything from my closet and only selected what pieces I wore every week. The rest went into a pile on my bed. I painstakingly tried on every piece of clothing and asked myself “Is this comfortable, do I feel good in this, and will I wear this” In that moment if my answer was yes I kept the item, everything else went into a pile to be sorted. I placed these items into different categories:

1. Trash/rags 2.Give to friend 3. Sell 4. Donate

I looked at each item and asked myself if someone could get more wear out of this item. Many of my clothes had sat in the closet untouched. So for me knowing it was going to a good home where someone would wear it and get use out of it made all the difference. So I let my friends and sister have their pick of the items. Then I went online and sold the remaining on Poshmark. Postmark is an online consignment shop, except you control the prices and shipping is really easy. Whatever I can’t sell I donate.

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Even though my entire closet can now fit into one dresser, I have not missed any of the items I have gotten rid of. They never fit right, or were uncomfortable. Now I get to always wear my favorite item, because why have ten sweaters when you only reach for the same two.

Here are some great companies that are doing amazing things. None of this companies are perfect but they are making changes regarding a more sustainable production or making simple pieces that will last forever. A lot of these brands you can find on postmark. Check out your local thrift store or consignment shop too. Only buy what you need and will wear.


Storq (if you are expecting)

Everlane (creators of the ‘cleanest denim’)

Comment below any recommendations of clothing brands and companies you stand behind.



Who says your whites have to match

Here is a quick post to let you all know I am alive on the blog. This month marks the last month of nursing classes, and they didn’t go easy on us. My room consequently has taken a beating. Everything has been thrown into my new room upstairs. Everything meaning what I had in an entire apartment is now in my room (*sigh).

With white walls the variation of whites, that I previously was hiding in my old bedroom, have become quite obvious . Even despite the rather worn white bed (which was painted by my mom and a young 13 year old me), I have grown to embrace the variation in white.

My giant picture frame wall is also a thing of the past. Now I have embraced a new technique of hanging and rotating art. My ceilings are all of 6 f.5 feet tall and the small walls simply do not have space for my large frames.

The biggest difficulty is deciding if I want to keep the things I have despite not having room for them. Is it worth storing them? I’ve found that by finding them new homes I am able to part with them easier. I know the items will get good use. Any tips from anyone post college/ apartment move out?

13: Clean out your closet

It is more about organizing and keeping everything neat where I can find it. I have already eliminated a lot of clothes I no longer wear over the years.

Tips to make getting rid of things less painful…

  1. Sell: In the past I have brought some of my items to a second hand store to sell. When I first was bringing clothes there I would walk out with $200, but as my style has changed the better quality less trendy brands weren’t selling so they were not buying. Recently I have discovered Tradsey, it is a really easy website where you put your clothing up and they send you the shipping box.
  2. Donate/ give to friends: Whenever I did a closet clean out I would always let my friends dig into the bags. It was such a relief to know they found a new home and I enjoyed seeing my friends wear the clothes.
  3. Frees up space for what you love: Who doesn’t like looking at a closet with all their favorite things in it?
  4. Makes getting dressed in the morning easier and quicker

Despite liking jeans I never wear them. Most of them are the wrong size or uncomfortable. My mission is to find jeans I love. Just one pair though. I think DSTLD are great and I’ve heard some much about Jamie jeans.

Try not to stack things on shelves too tall. It becomes difficult to pull out the bottom item. I’m notorious for a nice stack, only to pull it down the next day.

9: downsize your beauty collection

This was a long time coming. I tend to accumulate beauty products because the packaging is so beautiful and I love trying out new products. Products that sit too long can expire though and even become bad for the skin.

Collect all products: From my bags to the linen closet I searched everywhere for my beauty products. It may not look like a lot but it was.

Assess whats almost empty: Many of these products have a couple more pumps or uses out of them. I set them to the front of the basket so they can be used up and tossed out.

Toss out what is old or expired: A tip to remember when you purchased something is to write the date in sharpie on the bottle.

Organize makeup by type: By doing this you are able to view how many eye shadow palettes you have. For someone who rarely wears makeup this is a lot of makeup.

Narrow it down: I put a couple products aside for my daily cosmetic bag that I carry in my purse and eliminated products that were old or that I never used.

Organize: Currently the place where I put my beauty products is basically one big shelf. This is not a permanent place so I put things into jars I owned and organized like with like.

Ideally I would have my products arranged like this in my future place of living…

PS Acrylic units like the one above are expensive, $100!

Pictures via Pinterest

Decide what to use up right away: These products have been hanging on for while and they are ready to be used. This week I will only use these products in hopes I can finally toss them when they are finished.

Travel bag and everyday touch up bag: In the clear bag I put some travel size items so if I need to go somewhere I can grab the bag and I will have some essentials. The everyday bag has things that I can use at school or while I’m out for the day.

Tip: Don’t buy another lotion without finishing your current one. If you are looking for a simple lifestyle same thing goes for all products. It will help eliminate excess products and help make choices easier throughout the day because you only have one choice of product.

I will not be purchasing any beauty item if I currently own it, until it is finished.

7: streamline your reading list

Most books I rent from the library. I rent instead of buying because I receive a lot of satisfaction knowing more people will be able to enjoy the book. It also saves lots of space because I tend to read books quickly and my book cases would soon be full. 

I use this little booklet with lettered tabs to keep track of books I’ve read. These booklets come in the back of some moleskin notebooks and their original purpose was probably intended for phone numbers. I organize the books by the author’s last name.

Under the title and author’s name I write a short one sentence description about the book and if it was an enjoyable read.

Currently I am reading “A Thousand Splendid Suns“. I am almost half way through and I am really enjoying it. Most of the time I check out 2-3 books from the library and then wait till they are all returned to get more out. If I don’t like the book when I get home I return it before I get another.

What are you reading now, any suggestions? Next read for me is going to be “Born to Run“, it has been on my reading list for awhile now.

3: declutter your digital life & cleaning battery acid 

Last christmas I received a new computer and when I did I put nothing from the old one on it. In a way it is cheating because a lot of my old files are on a hard drive or flash drives.

Clear off your desktop: Here is my computer before the declutter. I deleted or filled away the items on the right and eliminated some of the icons on the left. Now I only have 8 items on the bar. To eliminate items in your bar, right click on them, click options, remove from dock. On the mac you can click the spotlight in the top right hand corner and type in anything you are looking for, including files or programs. This eliminates the need to keep them on your desktop.

Delete your downloads file: With the internet some pdfs and other documents require you to download them in order to view the file. This takes up lots of storage. Select all the files (make sure you don’t want to keep any of them) and drag to the trash.

Organize your folders: My files are all in documents. I deleted anything I did not need or that was already scanned online. I did not remember which NUR class number went with each class so next to it I added the name. My mom uses an online storage called Box for all our files. I will do a separate post on that and going paperless.

Old vs. Current Files: Ideally files that you won’t need again will be deleted or stored on an external hard drive/ flash drive. Here, I just put my undergraduate work that I could possible use again while studying for the NCLEX into its own file. This helps me to not get it confused with my current classes

Naming your files: Here I names my files by the lecture title.

Here, the file name was based on the chapter. It just depended on if we were using the book or not. File names should be short and to the point though.

Empty your trash: Your trash still holds all those deleted files, so give it another look through then click delete. Many people don’t realize this takes up a lot of space on the computer.


Next I tackled my personal and old university email account.

I am a sucker for a pretty looking email with lots of nice pictures. It’s so hard to delete them and I always tell myself I will go back to it. I am happy to admit that after this clean out I only have 14 emails in my entire inbox!

Tips for deleting emails:

  • Before deleting email you never want to receive again, look at the bottom and click the unsubscribe button
  • Is the information available online. Websites store for you information under your account login, such as national grid and national fuel. No need to clog up your inbox with statements
  • Read through the articles and delete
  • If you want to save something for later, pin the picture on pinterest and it will link it for you to see another time.
  • Delete, delete, delete
  • Chances are you won’t ever look back and before you know it you have emails from 3 years ago
  • Archive it to designated folders

(I realize I don’t have a lot of important emails coming through, but I hope in the future I will be able to address the issue, or write down the information in my planner and be able to delete it)


This is semi related to my digital life. Exploding batteries! 

Before I researched what had happened to my poor magic mouse I had no idea about battery acid and corrosion of batteries.

This happens if the battery was left in too long or left in heat. The chemicals inside the battery expend and the seal is broken, leaving it to be prone to leakage.

Supplies you will need:

  • baking soda and water
  • q tips and or cotton pads
  • damp paper towel

  1. The baking soda safely neutralizes the acid. Saturate the end of the q tip and go to work cleaning out the battery acid (wear gloves if you are going to be messy and rinse off right away if it does get on your hands).
  2. Gentle rub with a damp paper towel anything left over
  3. Let it air dry before putting fresh batteries in

Sadly I did not have batteries to try this out to see if it worked. I have found batteries and the magic mouse has been restored!

The erosion also eat through the aluminum covering, as you can see no amount of scrubbing helped. It did help on the inside and my fingers are crossed that it will work again soon.

bag clean out 

When I was younger I remember running errands with my mom and cleaning out her purse in the car. She occasionally would complain her purse was too heavy and it was very heavy! To help her I would throw out old receipts, coupons and trash. Perhaps not everyone enjoys sorting through their Mary Poppin’s bag but I think a weekly clean out keeps your shoulders happy and the people behind you in line happy.

A while back I was told that my bag was like Hermione Granger, from Harry Potter. Her magical bag held everything she needed. It’s rewarding having someone ask for a bandaid and being able to whip out a whole first aid kit.

Where is the line drawn though? I think I could fill a small duffle with all my “necessities”.

This week was especially stuffed full because I had surgery and I was carrying extra supplies.

Here is everything. My bag becomes a dumping area for things that need to be put in the car or that don’t have a place.

This is all the garbage I had. I put my magazines by my bed.

Typically I carry a little cosmetic bag (I left it at school). So for now these are the things that will be put away in the bathroom and other various places.

This is what I decided to keep. Wallet, planner, pencil case, headphones, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, hair tie, and glasses case.

It fits neatly and next week I will do another cleaning. I would love to see your neat bags, Tag me in your bag clean out, #simplifyyourbag

Stationary & Watercolor Basket

There is a little too much cramped into my stationary basket. I can find anything relatively easily though and I know everything that’s in it.

It helps so much to lay everything out and group items by like. A lot of this was craft items which I moved to the basket on my shelving unit. Sadly that craft basket is reaching it’s limits and will need another purge soon.

Something important to keep in mind it to use your stationary, do not let it accumulate. Receiving letters is really fun and writing them is even better.

Getting rid of package is critical if you want to limit the amount of space things take up. First you have to decide if it is really worth keeping because simply organizing it neatly, in a space saving way, does not always mean it was worth holding onto in the first place. These watercolor paints are very old and dried up. I have a new portable set that I use almost exclusively. For now I will hang onto these because they offer a lot more color selection but maybe one day I will be brave and toss them.

I put them in this cute little box that I could not part with and it was the perfect size! Now if I get more watercolor paint they can all be put together.

I think it’s better. I want to just keep this basket for stationary and card making so hopefully I can keep everything else that wanders in, out!

Kitchen/ Desk space; food storage

Peek back at the before.

It’s extremely difficult to find space where there is none. I disassembled the tall table by the fridge and it is currently being stored in the closet. I then moved the shelving unit and rolling card in that corner. It opens up the space immensely and allows me to use the counter space more efficiently.

(moved the cookbooks onto the shelving unit)

(moved all food items together and off the top of the fridge) Can you see I have a tiny fridge? I love it, it’s perfect size for one person.

I did this by cutting a lot of the packaging off the top. Boxes were also removed and the labels/ instructions were cut off so I could tape them on the bag. This helped save a lot of space and allows easier viewing.

Some times I keep plastic containers because I feel bad recycling, after only a single use. However I ended up only using my nice containers. It was time for them to go and what I was left with was just nice matching sets. This is extremely narrow and only allows for me to store one container width ways so for now it is essentially that I don’t add, or else I’ll end up with a stack that tumbles over.

What I would love to replace my paper towels with, here.

Kitchen/ Desk Space

One thing worth mentioning about the ‘apartment haul’. In order to simplify it must become a lifestyle change in order to maintain it. This technique of going through everything is working for me now. I plan to move in 2 months and this is serving as motivation, because who likes tons of things to move? No one. 

This is one of the toughest spaces because it hold the most amount of small clutter. The pictures below is my apartment at the worst (during study time after a week of neglect)

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

The right cart is currently holding all craft supplies and this will be paired down and moved to the dresser shelves.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Not very simplymme : (

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Again, sometimes these things just pile up because it has no where else to go. I am extremely limited in my cupboard space, which is a good thing if I organize right and only keep what I love and use.

This week I will be posting pictures of the progress I will make. If you are receiving the emails, please click on the title of this post and it will take you to the blog website! If you are viewing this from the blog, click up top near (simplymme) to add your email and follow me on my journey.