6: Follow a morning ritual

1. Drink water, lately I have really enjoyed lemon in my water

2. Get Dressed, I lay out my clothes the night before (a little trick my mom made us do when we were younger), a person is a lot less picking in the morning, especially if the room is colder than their bed and they just want to put something on. It saves so much time in the morning.

3. Check bag & things for the day, I always triple check my bag to make sure I have everything for the day. Again, make sure this is ready the night before.

4. Breakfast & pack lunch, Normally I make a smoothie in the morning or eat Ezekiel toast with avocado. Packing my lunch consists of me throwing the contents of my fridge in my lunch bag. It’s always stuffed full but some how I still manage to be starving by the end of the day. Hint: You can never pack too much.

5. Skin care and Beauty

mb 25

mb 24

During the week I shower at night because I like to let my hair dry naturally. So when I wake up I just splash water on my face. I currently do not have a single face wash that I use, I am just going through what I have in my cabinet. I also brush my teeth at this time.

mb 7

Then I spray some toner and apply moisturizer. I do this while my face is wet so my skin doesn’t dry out. I read somewhere that it doesn’t matter how much moisturizer you use, if your skin isn’t wet your face will not seal in your skin’s natural moisture.

mb 20-2

Lotion is important for my hands because for the remainder of the day I will be washing them and hand sanitizing constantly.

mb 13

We have to wear our hair up for clinical so I normally tie it up tight.

mb 12

Then I lightly apply some makeup.

My routine doesn’t take long, so I wake up a little more than an hour before I need to leave.


1: stay offline for one day

This morning upon waking I did not check any social media which was very difficult. Orientation at school did not require me to go online. The hardest part was not preoccupying myself with checking emails, snapchats and scrolling through instagram’s news feeds during my down time. How ridiculous is it that when I would sit down somewhere my first thought was to check something on my phone?

So far I have 48 unread personal emails that are just begging to be opened or deleted. I realize I am online now, but I am only on wordpress to do this post and then I will log off. I learned that I have a lot more free time when I’m not on the web. It also forced me to do other things with my down time, like read through my large pile of magazines. But in all honestly I was able to have a less stressful day.

In case your interest: (benefits of “unplugging”)

Unplug please

Feeling overconnected 

Have any of you gone a day without being online?

My day: nursing student


What I’m wearing: Lululemon cotton leggings (they are amazing), and a lululemon sweater (which unfortunately got snagged on my coat zipper).


My lovely roommate left me some nice ripe avocados. This is one of my favorite breakfasts. Normally I have a smoothie, but when the weather is colder I’m less motivated to take out the frozen fruit.


My last exam of the semester is tomorrow, so I had lots of studying to do. Currently I am in my OB rotation which is my favorite because it is the area that I want to work in, so it makes studying a bit more enjoyable.


This weekend I neglected to do my chore so today I cleaned up the kitchen and cleaned leo’s (my turtle) tank. My roommates and I have a little chore chart that we sign off when we do a chore. We all try and pull our part to ensure a clean and happy apartment. My least favorite area to clean is the bathroom.


This was always my go-to meal in college, I make tuna and then eat it with a ton of spinach. It’s not the best lunch, but it’s quick and tasty.

At 12pm I met my professor at the hospital to go over material for our test tomorrow. It was a make up day for students that had missed clinical, so it was fun to go in and hear about their day. Today they got to see a baby with a broken clavicle. Poor little thing was too big and got stuck during the birth.


Back at home I decided to pack up my bags to go home for winter break. I leave Wednesday after class but I am not a last minute packer and wanted to get it out of the way. My sister recently gave me a foam roller for my birthday and I am so thrilled with it. It’s coming home with me. I have 3 bags, one with my gym/ comfy clothes. A small one for socks and stuff like that. Then the duffle has my clothes such as sweaters, pants and dresses.

4:40 I went over to the family’s apartment I used to live beneath to see Ruby, the little girl and her mom. It was so much fun, we made snowflakes and caught up. Ruby is so smart and read an entirely book to me! I also discovered that my christmas tree was up in the attic so I picked that up. I really miss my little apartment there, the almost white walls and hard wood floors were great.

Here is an old picture of Ruby and Nik and I. We did some face masks. Ruby and I are playing a frozen game, we used to have lots of fun together.


Home: I studied more and then finished “The Girl on the Train” by: Paula Hawkins, the end had such a twist and I’m glad to have finished it. My roommate is reading it next and I can’t wait to see what she thinks. Any good book recommendations? I love checking out books from the library so normally I look through the librarian recommendations.

I hope you all had a nice day 🙂



The day: my apt 

It’s difficult in my new apartment to simplify my things and to organize because everything is in limbo between my apartment and my parent’s new house. So, I thought I would start a new series so you all can follow me through my day. As a nursing student each day is different and sometimes exciting. I hope you enjoy!

When I wake up I like to write down everything I want to accomplish for the day, and then I organize it on a time table. This helps me to stay on track and then I don’t feel the day go by and wonder what happened to it.

Typically I do not have coffee in the morning, but today the cooler temperatures and rain made me crave a nice warm cup with coconut creamer. My everyday cold smoothie is becoming less appealing, something about colder temperatures does not scream frozen fruit.

Leo, my turtle received a much needed tank cleaning. Once a week just doesn’t seem to be cutting it lately. Poor little guy had to go back into cold water after his little exercise walk. (He does have a heater and heat lamp, if any turtle lovers are wondering)

My love for lush is real. This cleanser roll has really been getting me in the holiday spirits. Is it too early? Never.

I make my bed every day, which isn’t difficult because I sleep with a down comforter. As you can see from the before picture I mess the bed up pretty badly in the night and whenever I have a sheet and the duvet, one always ends up on the floor. What happens in the night is still a mystery. So I save myself the tangled bed sheets and just have the down comforter.

I don’t have classes on Friday so I wore a comfy outfit because I knew I would just be around the apartment today.

I worked ahead to keep up with my school work. Today I did a care plan and took 2 quizzes. I try and break the work up throughout the day. The coral highlighted lines are 8pm meds I gave to a patient last clinical. Poor little guy had so many and were administered through his G tube.

It all started when I decided to replace some magazine clipping from the frames on my wall. Now I have the watercolor bug and I have been spending lots of time working on art for friends and family. I don’t want to spoil anything so here is a glimpse of the art that I did for my wall.

I’ve been reading Goldfinch by Donna Tartt and it is amazing. It’s quite a dense book that follows a boy’s life over several year. Before bed I love to read. Although lately it has pushed my bedtime back because I have a hard time stopping. I guess its better to stay up late reading then pouring over Instagram photos.