2015 Holidays: gift tags


Packaging presents can be a beautiful part of the gift. Sometimes it can be hard to find an appropriate gift tag. Here I will show you how I made them ahead of time so they will be ready when I wrap the presents.

1. I used extra scrap water color paper that I had, but any hard stock paper will work. I cut out a tag to the desired size and shape and then used it as a template to cut out the rest. You can vary your sizes and shapes if you want. Circles and other shapes would look nice. Maybe a nice tree?

2. Next, I mixed up a nice red from my water color palette. I first dip my paintbrush in water and wet a rough circle on the tag and then I go in and drop in the red color to get the cool watercolor effect.

3. This calligraphy pen is my newest tool but it’s becoming my favorite. I purchased it from Hyatts (which is my local art supply store). I’m using the e+m nib and pen holder (similar but not sure if they are the same). They let me try out a couple different nibs and this had the best feel and style. I’m not an expert but it’s fun to try. I also just purchased calli ink which I am very happy with.

Here I wrote Merry Christmas, but this would work for any occasion.

4. Then I hole punched it so that later I can add string to attach to the package.

5. On the back I wrote their names and that it was from me.

It’s really simple but a great way to add a personal touch to your wrapping. I will do more posts on wrapping and how to make it simple and beautiful.


2015 Holiday: gift guide young adult

Selecting a gift for someone can be sometimes challenging. For example I never grew up with brothers, so regarding a guy gift guide, I am clueless. Same goes for mother’s and anyone older than I am because I have never experienced that part of life. My birthday falls close to christmas so I think  about anything I could want to last me through the year. For anyone looking for gift ideas for their college student or a friend, here are some things I have either received or would love to receive. Because, let us be honest, most of the time if you would like the gift yourself, chances are the person receiving it will also love it.


  1. For those who have the instax mini camera, film would be a great gift around the holiday’s because then they can share the pictures with you. $25 $17.50 (Michaels sells this and use their coupon for 40% off.)
  2. I think I am the only one to understand how truly amazing these portable humidifiers are. They attach to your water bottle! I haven’t seen them around so I am wondering how I am the only one to think this is incredible? Personally I think this would benefit me in the long car trips when the dry heat is blasting in my car and true cold season has kicked in. This would also be great for a college student to have by their bed. $30
  3. Initialed jewelry is very nice and personal. This rings would look so pretty stacked. $36 Last year my sister gave me a initialed necklace and I wear it everyday.
  4. Jo Malone Perfume. Not every one has the luxury to treat themselves to beautiful perfume and the smaller size bottle, though expensive is a great gift for someone special. I’ve never been big into perfumes, but something about Jo Malone and the ability to mix makes them so irresistible. $65
  5. Reading my tea leaves is my absolute favorite blogger. Erin is my inspiration for my blog and now she came out with a book! Although I am a huge advocate for checking out books at the library, hers is a huge exception. $15.74
  6. Cuyana is a brand whose message hold true to my ultimate goal. “We believe that the philosophy of ‘Fewer, Better’ extends beyond fashion to a life that is fuller and richer. This is our space to explore why and how.”- Fewer Better. Some day I will be able to afford their clothes. For now though I can encourage others to buy things that they feel they will love and cherish for many years. This alpaca cape is gorgeous.
  7. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Creme is beyond other lotions. My mother gave this to my sisters and I in our stockings a couple years ago and it kicked my Eucerin and any other lotions I have tried out of the water. Its indescribable, so please try it yourself. $30
  8. Lavender Moon Herb Gardens is a store in my home town. She hand makes all her products. It’s always great to get a gift you know will help support a local store. This honey and oat facial cleanser is all natural and looks like it would be great to use. $16
  9. Lightening to USB leather tassel, whoever designed this was genius. Although the iPhone 6s plus is fantastic at holding charge, having an extra cord always with you would be invaluable!
  10. Socks. Do others have a problem with their athletic socks constantly falling down? I have finally blamed it on the fact that they are too stretched out and are paper thin. Smart wool carried me through my sailings days and I will be forever grateful that I only tore through one pair from wear and tear. This are padded and I never realized what huge impact socks can have on your run.

For more gift ideas, such out Pinterest for other gift guides. I also have other things I’m loving here.

Let me know what you think and what you are thinking about for gift ideas?