I’m back 

There is so much to write about, but for now I will share the big things and keep the details for later posts. After I graduated nursing school, I passed my NCLEX and landing my dream position as an RN at Thompson’s Birthing Center! Since then I have been adjusting to life with a full time career.

Fast forward several months and Tom and I decided it was time for our own place together. We moved in a couple months ago and have really been enjoying time together in our own space.

This lamp was the first thing we brought up to our apartment and I feel that it is symbolic of how we felt as we started this new chapter of our lives. Architecture School was such a struggle, even with the knowledge that I would be attending Nursing School, and although Nursing School was amazing I had so much fear and doubt that I wouldn’t land the position that I wanted or that somewhere along my journey I wouldn’t succeed. Tom guided me and talked me through so many difficult situations and decisions and I couldn’t be happier that now everything has come to light. We finally see that all the hard work has paid off.

Tom was thinking we wouldn’t be able to fill the space. Clearly he hadn’t seen me at the Target home section.

His lovely contribution was collecting baby plants from his college’s green house and making me a plant mommy. My thumb turned from a pale lime green to full on hunter green.

The dishwasher was a huge selling factor after 6 years of raw hands.

Told you I was a plant mommy. Apparently if you leave water in a container overnight it’s better for the plants because chemicals (that are toxic to plants) have time to be released as a gas.

Our number one struggle is who will do the meal prepping for the week, so I think we are doing fairly good.

This rug is meant for outdoors but when I brought it home and Tom said he liked it, I ripped off the tags and called it perfect.

After we bought these chairs my mom sent me a picture of them featured in The Magnolia Journal. (Thank you Elizabeth for finding the perfect chairs for our home)


We also get to enjoy the club house’s pool, fire pit and movie theater.

I have no complaints. Thank you all so much who have loved and supported me over the past year. So many amazing changes have occurred and I couldn’t be happier.

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