Hoarding small things

Hoarding is “characterized by excessive acquisition and an inability or unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects that cover the living areas of the home and cause significant distress or impairment”. On a small scale, I love to hoard things in my room. It’s always been like this since I was younger did we not all at one time have small collection of things we treasured? This has led to piles, piles that never serve any purpose.


Top 5 things I’m holding on to:

1. Magazines, over the years I have come up with a good system. I only allow 1-2 on my night side table. I cut out anything I love and paste it into a book. Ideally in the future I will move away from magazines and go paperless by looking at things on the computer. For now though, I still love flipping through magazines. After I finish reading them, I bring them to our local coffee shop and add them to the pile of other magazines, so other people can enjoy them.

Keeping magazines for the purpose of reading them again (in the future) is never a great idea because sadly you most likely won’t go back and they will just sit accumulated dust. If you are looking to reduce your paper, contact the company and get taken off the mailing list.

2. Wrapping paper and tissue paper. Recently I have been shipping a lot of packages and holding onto old wrapping is a great way to package something beautifully. Sending off a textbook that I sold on Amazon is more fun when it wrapped nicely with a little note. Just don’t be afraid to use your supplies.

3. Cards, I try and reuse the envelopes to hold various things and then I wrap up with a ribbon the cards, placing them in a box. As I expressed in my last post, some things are worth keeping.

4. Old school papers. Throwing away so much paper always makes me feel so quilty. I envy those who only use their computer.

For now I’m holding onto my best papers and care plans for pass onto a future NU Nursing student that I think could benefit from them.

5. Bra cups. For all the ladies reading this you know the struggle with these. They constantly fall out and need readjusting. I never put them back in after they fall out in the wash and never plan to put them back in the tanks or bathing suit. Yet, I still have a perfect stack of them. After storing them for too long so I sad my goodbyes and away they went.

One thought on “Hoarding small things

  1. Hi Melissa: I haven’t seen Tom at Midtown in a while and sent him an email that may be old ( naz.ed ???). Hope everything is well with you both and your new career. Geo

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