Homemade cards

Every birthday and holiday I look forward to receiving cards. Something about the thoughtfulness of someone picking a card out, special just for me, was something that I looked forward to. For me, it was an opportunity to see their perception of me.

When I was younger and couldn’t drive to the store to pick out cards for people, I was forced to make my own. My mom has always been crafty and had lots of supplies around the house. One year my mom helped me to upgrade by giving me a card making kit and from then on I always make my own cards. In another life I think I could design greeting cards, who knows. For now I will stick to being a nurse.

This flower design started when I wanted to make a card for my grandma, who happens to love gardening. After my first card I was hooked. It much simpler than one might think. Start by sketching a circle with a pencil, fill it in with flowers, leaves and other foliage then watercolor it in.

With nursing school I have lots of people to thank and I think nothing says thank you, like “I just spend time making this card unique, just for you”.

According to the five love languages this would fall under “Words of Affirmation”. The power of appreciation is something that is often neglected in our world. We are constantly expecting more from individuals, always looking forward to the next thing. Take time to appreciate everything that someone has done for you.

Don’t forget the thoughtful message inside. It’s so important to express the wonderful qualities you see in the person you are sending the card to.  When you take the time to think of all the wonderful things someone has done for you it helps you to appreciate the people in your life.


I use blank watercolor cards and envelopes that were a gift from a friend, (before I received them, I cut up watercolor paper). The marker pen I use is permanent so the water doesn’t make it bleed (if you are curious I use 0.5 and 0.1).

Listen. Appreciation vs. Recognition 

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