Who says your whites have to match

Here is a quick post to let you all know I am alive on the blog. This month marks the last month of nursing classes, and they didn’t go easy on us. My room consequently has taken a beating. Everything has been thrown into my new room upstairs. Everything meaning what I had in an entire apartment is now in my room (*sigh).

With white walls the variation of whites, that I previously was hiding in my old bedroom, have become quite obvious . Even despite the rather worn white bed (which was painted by my mom and a young 13 year old me), I have grown to embrace the variation in white.

My giant picture frame wall is also a thing of the past. Now I have embraced a new technique of hanging and rotating art. My ceilings are all of 6 f.5 feet tall and the small walls simply do not have space for my large frames.

The biggest difficulty is deciding if I want to keep the things I have despite not having room for them. Is it worth storing them? I’ve found that by finding them new homes I am able to part with them easier. I know the items will get good use. Any tips from anyone post college/ apartment move out?

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