Furniture that fails 

This is my room while I was unloading everything from the car. You can see the antique cabinet that I envisioned to hold my clothes. Unfortunately it was not working out, it was impossible to get the clothes from the sides and the piles were being knocked over. Not to mention the fact that my tiny closet was still too full. 

Definitely not working. I had a hard time letting go of this piece in my room, but with my goals in mind, it was impossible for it to stay.

*Kew the choir, my mom searched tirelessly through craigslist and found this Ikea dresser. It matches the other furniture in my room and the drawers are huge. Before I had a dresser, my clothes were organized but separated because there wasn’t a space to hold them all in one location. Now I can have everything in one place.

I used Marie Kondo’s method of folding. She is incredible, the guru of simplicity and decluttering. This one blogger wrote a great post about her experience.

Now I am so happy that the majority of my clothes are neatly organized in this dresser. All my t-shirts are in one drawer. Its amazing and I will never go back to a dresserless life. Now it’s time to tackle the closet…

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