It’s the little stuff that adds up

Photo via Pinterest

Saturday will mark a week since I moved things home. I am happy to report I have made progress pairing down, but my room is still filled with no where to put things. I feel that I am constantly throwing away things and adding to the donate pile with small progress. Does anyone feel discouraged by this constant process? Now there is no extra rooms to hid things, I am forced to face my life’s processions.

Currently, this is what my desk looks like. It is housing all of my wonderful art supplies, letters, and other supplies. They need a home and they need to be organized. The problem with the simple approach though, is there is not much room to display or organize things. I am limited to the two baskets you see on the legs. What am I to do? I am thinking some minimal shelves to the side of the desk will help. Any suggestions?

What I envision for my room:

Photos via Pinterest

Reading my tea leaves has a great post about decluttering, let’s just say I am trying them all.

If anything has helped me over the past few months it has been not bringing as much home. Purchases now become a question of, do I really need this, where will it go and will I want to donate it in a few months? I no longer bring home as much paper and plastic bags and it feels great to at least not have that extra clutter.

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