Moving home: preparing 

After 6 years away from home at college, I am finally nearing the time to move back home. My parents just bought a beautiful old house and I have such a special room on the second floor. My sister called me Cinderella because I semi resembles an attic but I love it.


Clear it out: First I moved out all the furniture that wasn’t mine. It’s important to start with a clean slate to visualize how you want the room to be laid out.

Clean your space: Using these microfiber wipes I scrubbed the walls because if the walls are supposed to be white, then they should be white.

It was amazing how dirty they were. Many of the marks were pencil or dirty so with a little hard work I was able to get the majority of it off. It’s important to clean the molding and windows as well. Dirt sits on the ledge and with the room empty it is easy to access them.

Radiator: This is my first experience with a radiator and it’s shocking how it holds dust bunnies. I vacuumed, then scrubbed and cleaned some more. Any tips for keeping clean?

I had a little helper, Ralph. Next post will be about the move in so stay tune!

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