Simple bunny watercolor 

A couple of people have asked me questions about my watercolor drawings and I wanted to share how I do them because I believe its a simple way for everyone to try art.

In high school I never took an art class, the only exposure I had was in Architecture School, which was a lot of precision drawings and no technique classes. So by no means do I claim to be an expert or even a novice, it’s just a simple way I found to approach drawing and watercolors.

Mainly I use it for art on my walls because I can add as much white spaces I want and I love white!

My favorite excuse to draw is making someone a card. You can make it personal and fun.

1. Start with a rough pencil sketch/ outline where you primarily want the colors to go. It looks better if you don’t lift your pencil a lot and use light long strokes. Then go back through and draw dark lines where you want areas to be emphasized, specifically where two lines meet.

2. Then place down really watered down watercolor. You can wet your brush with water and the color and apply it directly to the paper or you can wet the paper  with pure water first and then apply the color. You can use scrap paper to test things out. The trick is to start with light colors and build up darker colors.

3. Gradually add rich deep colors to make shadows and highlights. Make sure each layer is dry before adding more color or your colors will blend into each other.

Thats it, just keep playing around with it. Let me know if you try it!

In case you are curious I use the Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colour Compact Set. It’s compact and easy to use. For bunny I used the paint brush that comes in the set. Black is the only color that’s missing. In the past I used watercolor tubes however they were messy and dried up easily.

For paper I use Arches Cold Press Watercolor pad, but I think I like Canson Watercolor Pad better, because the paper is smoother.

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