Nursing school supplies

As I wrap up my final weeks of classes before I start my capstone, I wanted to reflect on nursing supplies essentials and things I didn’t need. This applies to the accelerated nursing program, it might be different for traditional nursing students.

  1. Lab values chart: I made up a sheet and lamented it. The size was great to stick in my notebook and reference. Values differ between hospitals so use your hospital’s values or find generic ones online.
  2. Watch: Although I would love a nice beautiful leather watch, this plastic one was great because afterwards it could be wiped down with alcohol wipes and I wasn’t worried about it getting wet. Once I start a job, I will probably invest in a beautiful watch.
  3. Stethoscope: I really loved the one I purchased, I’m glad I spent the extra money. It helped me when obtaining a patient’s blood pressure. I would also recommend getting it engraved, because everyone says they can be stolen.
  4. White under shirts: During the winter months, scrubs were not warm enough. I really loved the softness of the Jcrew ones and they were long enough to stay tucked into my scrubs. They are currently on sale! I’ve tried other brands but the Jcrew ones are the softest and most  comfortable. Some hospitals don’t allow you to wear long sleeves under your scrub tops, so check on that before purchasing. If they don’t allow you to wear long sleeve, short sleeves work well too.
  5. Small notebook: Everyone had a different system for writing down patient information. Some people used clipboards but I found that it was difficult to find a place to put them down in the patient’s room. This notebook fit perfectly in my pocket. I was also able to look back and reference certain information.
  6. Hand sanitizer and hand wipes: Even though the hospital supplies many hand sanitizers, it is nice to have your own brand that you like. These wipes were a gift and it’s so special to have a nice soft wipe after a long day.
  7. Danskos: I researched lots of white nursing school shoes. After much protest I finally decided to try these on and I’m so glad I chose these over sneakers. They are easy to wipe down and I’m not worries about liquids soaking through. They are so comfortable and help protect my back from standing on the hard hospital floors.
  8. Backpack/ bag: Have a bag where you can put everything you need. It was nice to have my clinical bag that I knew had everything I needed for the hospital.


Things I did not use:

Blood pressure cuff: Although I am still glad I purchased this for future use.

Nurse’s Drug Guide: I prefer looking up things in a book over the internet. However, with the amount of nursing school homework, I found myself always looking up drugs online.

Pen light: I was panicked before my first day of clinical because I couldn’t find one. I can safely say I have never used mine.

2 thoughts on “Nursing school supplies

  1. This is so very true! Scissors are always a plus as well!
    The pen light for me was a must to check pupil response as part of a full assessment.


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