My Midori traveler’s notebook 

Last Valentine’s Day my boyfriend Tom gifted this to me. My friend Matina first introduced me to this notebooks (as all good friends do). I can not lie and say he came up with the idea himself, some great things need to be hinted at haha. This is how I am currently using it.

I just purchased the 007 card holder and the 008 clear zipper pocket. They are so nice and think, I love them! Eventually I want this to be used as my calendar and wallet.

I laminated free printouts I found online and created this little insert. Then I have the 003 which is the blank notebook that comes with the midori notebook.

I used a large rubber band to hold together a second notebook (That I made using sketch paper and a manila envelope). The rubber band is about to snap so I’ll be getting the 021 midori bands soon. Their notebooks and supplies are definitely worth the price. It’s fun to make your own if you are using it to scribble down things. If you want it to last though I would recommend buying the midori notebooks and supplies.

Before my clear 007 and 008 inserts came I attempted to make my own clear pocket using a protective sleeve. It wasn’t exactly a fail, but I can only see it lasting for about a year. I still keep it in here to hold extra pieces of velum and stamps.

There is a smaller structural band that I used to hold my little moleskin notebook. In this I write blog posts ideas and other long term thoughts.

I use my nice midori notebook for journaling. The pages bleed so I’m unable to use my prismacolor markers but the notebook works for now.

Valentine’s Day  : )

3 thoughts on “My Midori traveler’s notebook 

  1. Yayyyyy!!! I am so glad you’re having so much fun with this notebook, and sharing your layout to the rest of us that need some inspiration! Can’t wait to order some new inserts, thanks to your recommendations! (:

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