Apple cider vinegar 

This is the new health craze for many reasons. I finally decided to try it for myself and am very happy with my new found drink combination. The smell is unbearable to me but I have been drinking it and putting it in my hair!

Some health benefits:

  1. soothes a sore throat
  2. lowers cholesterol
  3. prevents indigestion
  4. clears a stuffy nose
  5. aids in weight loss
  6. gets rid of dandruff
  7. clears acne
  8. boost energy
  9. cuts down on nighttime leg cramping
  10. banishes bad breath
  11. whitens teeth

Here is how I am getting my daily intake:

2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

2 tablespoons of honey (use raw unfiltered honey)

8 ounces of water

*The honey will disintegrate in the fridge within an hour

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