13: Clean out your closet

It is more about organizing and keeping everything neat where I can find it. I have already eliminated a lot of clothes I no longer wear over the years.

Tips to make getting rid of things less painful…

  1. Sell: In the past I have brought some of my items to a second hand store to sell. When I first was bringing clothes there I would walk out with $200, but as my style has changed the better quality less trendy brands weren’t selling so they were not buying. Recently I have discovered Tradsey, it is a really easy website where you put your clothing up and they send you the shipping box.
  2. Donate/ give to friends: Whenever I did a closet clean out I would always let my friends dig into the bags. It was such a relief to know they found a new home and I enjoyed seeing my friends wear the clothes.
  3. Frees up space for what you love: Who doesn’t like looking at a closet with all their favorite things in it?
  4. Makes getting dressed in the morning easier and quicker

Despite liking jeans I never wear them. Most of them are the wrong size or uncomfortable. My mission is to find jeans I love. Just one pair though. I think DSTLD are great and I’ve heard some much about Jamie jeans.

Try not to stack things on shelves too tall. It becomes difficult to pull out the bottom item. I’m notorious for a nice stack, only to pull it down the next day.

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