10: No email or social media until lunch & 11: Evaluate your commitments

It is natural when waking up to check your email but I waiting and filled my day with other things. These two challenging sort of go together. I do not have any commitment to email or social media so it is easier to not be drawn to them. They are a luxury and sometimes it is best done without for a bit. As they say, “too much of a good thing can be bad”.

This is Katie she is one of my roommates. My commitments in life are starting to change and I realize that it is important to be committed to friendships. I have the tendency to want alone time which often leaves declining invitations to do things. I have started to commit myself to more things with friends to ensure I keep nice relationships.

Although I do not have many commitments here are a few:

  1. Nursing School
  2. My relationships with people and my family
  3. To myself and that I remain happy and healthy


What are your commitments, do you think that sometimes our commitments in life are not true to ourselves? I see many people commit to too many things and then they are left empty. Less can be more.

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