9: downsize your beauty collection

This was a long time coming. I tend to accumulate beauty products because the packaging is so beautiful and I love trying out new products. Products that sit too long can expire though and even become bad for the skin.

Collect all products: From my bags to the linen closet I searched everywhere for my beauty products. It may not look like a lot but it was.

Assess whats almost empty: Many of these products have a couple more pumps or uses out of them. I set them to the front of the basket so they can be used up and tossed out.

Toss out what is old or expired: A tip to remember when you purchased something is to write the date in sharpie on the bottle.

Organize makeup by type: By doing this you are able to view how many eye shadow palettes you have. For someone who rarely wears makeup this is a lot of makeup.

Narrow it down: I put a couple products aside for my daily cosmetic bag that I carry in my purse and eliminated products that were old or that I never used.

Organize: Currently the place where I put my beauty products is basically one big shelf. This is not a permanent place so I put things into jars I owned and organized like with like.

Ideally I would have my products arranged like this in my future place of living…

PS Acrylic units like the one above are expensive, $100!

Pictures via Pinterest

Decide what to use up right away: These products have been hanging on for while and they are ready to be used. This week I will only use these products in hopes I can finally toss them when they are finished.

Travel bag and everyday touch up bag: In the clear bag I put some travel size items so if I need to go somewhere I can grab the bag and I will have some essentials. The everyday bag has things that I can use at school or while I’m out for the day.

Tip: Don’t buy another lotion without finishing your current one. If you are looking for a simple lifestyle same thing goes for all products. It will help eliminate excess products and help make choices easier throughout the day because you only have one choice of product.

I will not be purchasing any beauty item if I currently own it, until it is finished.

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