8: learn to enjoy solitude 

Growing up with so many people in my home it was a rare moment to be home alone. When my mom would become frustrated that I was always in my room she would ask what I was doing up there. I never had a clear answer for her, I just enjoyed being alone. It wasn’t until college when I received a single that I truly understood my desire to be occasionally alone and my true identity as an introvert.

Interesting is it that today is the day to learn solitude. I’m currently in community clinical and drove around today with a home care nurse. We saw seven patients and interacted with all of them on a very personal level. Not a moment throughout the day was I alone. Following a normal day at school or work this picture above describes my view. Today though a friend from architecture come over for dinner. We had such a nice time. I do enjoy solitude though, I love siting along with no music, no sounds and relax by doing nothing. Simple as that.

The best experience I’ve had in my life was when I went on a backpacking and canoeing trip in Maine through Outward Bound. For 3 days and 2 nights, of the 2 week course, we were taken to individual unknown locations around a lake to spend alone in our sleeping bags with only a snack bag and our journals. I was terrified at first but my instructors placed me on a beautiful tiny island where I could see all around me if I stood in the middle. No one could get to me unless they were in boat and it was a completely isolated area so I felt very safe. It was the most relaxing wonderful experience l could ever have imagined and I am forever thankful for that experience. Having alone time to just think and be was an incredible relief to the chaos of life.

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