6: Follow a morning ritual

1. Drink water, lately I have really enjoyed lemon in my water

2. Get Dressed, I lay out my clothes the night before (a little trick my mom made us do when we were younger), a person is a lot less picking in the morning, especially if the room is colder than their bed and they just want to put something on. It saves so much time in the morning.

3. Check bag & things for the day, I always triple check my bag to make sure I have everything for the day. Again, make sure this is ready the night before.

4. Breakfast & pack lunch, Normally I make a smoothie in the morning or eat Ezekiel toast with avocado. Packing my lunch consists of me throwing the contents of my fridge in my lunch bag. It’s always stuffed full but some how I still manage to be starving by the end of the day. Hint: You can never pack too much.

5. Skin care and Beauty

mb 25

mb 24

During the week I shower at night because I like to let my hair dry naturally. So when I wake up I just splash water on my face. I currently do not have a single face wash that I use, I am just going through what I have in my cabinet. I also brush my teeth at this time.

mb 7

Then I spray some toner and apply moisturizer. I do this while my face is wet so my skin doesn’t dry out. I read somewhere that it doesn’t matter how much moisturizer you use, if your skin isn’t wet your face will not seal in your skin’s natural moisture.

mb 20-2

Lotion is important for my hands because for the remainder of the day I will be washing them and hand sanitizing constantly.

mb 13

We have to wear our hair up for clinical so I normally tie it up tight.

mb 12

Then I lightly apply some makeup.

My routine doesn’t take long, so I wake up a little more than an hour before I need to leave.


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