5: Identify 3-6 main priorities

This is difficult because this pertains to my life right now. This inevitably will change in a few months when I start working. Coming up with a hierarchy is challenging but here is what I came up with and I also included pictures of important people in my life.


Here I am with my mom, Emily and Jessica. I am in the middle, crouching on the ground. In almost all my childhood pictures I had a huge grin or was making some sort of silly face. My parents were the best at providing meaningful outdoor childhood experiences, something that a lot of child are deprived of today.


Here are my parents, they guided me through my life. I feel very lucky to have them.

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Bob and Shirley lived next door to us growing up and basically helped raise us. We would help clean the house and learn valuable gardening skills. They are such incredible roll models.


Garrett is such a blessing and he is turning into such a wonderful little man. I’m so lucky to have my first nephew.

  1. Relationships & Family: I have 3 sisters (Nicole, Emily and Jessica), my mom and dad, my grandparents and my other set of grandparents (pictured above). Garrett is my nephew and as you can tell I am very fond of him. There is also my friends, my brother in laws, my boyfriend and his family. I struggle to keep in touch with people and really thrive in situations when I can see them all the time so I’m trying hard to work at this. They keep me grounded in my roots and help me keep on track to what’s important to me. I love them all very much.
  2. Mental Health: Before I started nursing school I was very stressed out in Architecture and it challenged me in many ways because I was incredibly unhappy and at the same time had to work so hard. Putting a lot of effort into something I strongly disliked was draining. I’m really lucky to have such a supportive family who helped me through it and a boyfriend who would visit me at school. I felt an incredible weight lifted off me when I received my diploma and I am forever grateful that chapter of my life is complete.
  3. Physical Health: As I’m sure most people know it’s difficult to stick with a routine. I’m happiest when I am eating healthy foods and can get outside for a walk or in the park. It is as simple as that.
  4. School: Luckily I am extremely dedicated to the field of nursing. Nursing will not only become my career but it is my passion.
  5. Home organization: My blog makes this an obvious priority however, it’s really important to me to have a clean space and have everything be organized in my life. I do not work well in a cluttered environment and if this is not set as a priority it takes away from other things.


What are you priorities? Do you think your priorities are challenged with day to day obligations?

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