4: No-complaint day

This is my boyfriend Tom, and today marks our 2.5 year anniversary (of dating hah)! It’s sort of comical that today marked this time in our relationship because he says I normally don’t complain about things, except to him. This is a terrible thing.

So I managed to complain only once throughout the day. I guess I got it over with early because at 3:00 this morning I complained that I couldn’t sleep. Luckily he didn’t read it till he woke up and by then I was in full force, no complaining mood.

It got me thinking, am I complainer? Currently there is nothing worth complaining about so I hope to acknowledge this complaining habit of mine and stop it cold turkey. To fix this little habit of mine I am going to force myself to say something good after every complaint. What do you think? How many times a day or things do you complain about?

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