3: declutter your digital life & cleaning battery acid 

Last christmas I received a new computer and when I did I put nothing from the old one on it. In a way it is cheating because a lot of my old files are on a hard drive or flash drives.

Clear off your desktop: Here is my computer before the declutter. I deleted or filled away the items on the right and eliminated some of the icons on the left. Now I only have 8 items on the bar. To eliminate items in your bar, right click on them, click options, remove from dock. On the mac you can click the spotlight in the top right hand corner and type in anything you are looking for, including files or programs. This eliminates the need to keep them on your desktop.

Delete your downloads file: With the internet some pdfs and other documents require you to download them in order to view the file. This takes up lots of storage. Select all the files (make sure you don’t want to keep any of them) and drag to the trash.

Organize your folders: My files are all in documents. I deleted anything I did not need or that was already scanned online. I did not remember which NUR class number went with each class so next to it I added the name. My mom uses an online storage called Box for all our files. I will do a separate post on that and going paperless.

Old vs. Current Files: Ideally files that you won’t need again will be deleted or stored on an external hard drive/ flash drive. Here, I just put my undergraduate work that I could possible use again while studying for the NCLEX into its own file. This helps me to not get it confused with my current classes

Naming your files: Here I names my files by the lecture title.

Here, the file name was based on the chapter. It just depended on if we were using the book or not. File names should be short and to the point though.

Empty your trash: Your trash still holds all those deleted files, so give it another look through then click delete. Many people don’t realize this takes up a lot of space on the computer.


Next I tackled my personal and old university email account.

I am a sucker for a pretty looking email with lots of nice pictures. It’s so hard to delete them and I always tell myself I will go back to it. I am happy to admit that after this clean out I only have 14 emails in my entire inbox!

Tips for deleting emails:

  • Before deleting email you never want to receive again, look at the bottom and click the unsubscribe button
  • Is the information available online. Websites store for you information under your account login, such as national grid and national fuel. No need to clog up your inbox with statements
  • Read through the articles and delete
  • If you want to save something for later, pin the picture on pinterest and it will link it for you to see another time.
  • Delete, delete, delete
  • Chances are you won’t ever look back and before you know it you have emails from 3 years ago
  • Archive it to designated folders

(I realize I don’t have a lot of important emails coming through, but I hope in the future I will be able to address the issue, or write down the information in my planner and be able to delete it)


This is semi related to my digital life. Exploding batteries! 

Before I researched what had happened to my poor magic mouse I had no idea about battery acid and corrosion of batteries.

This happens if the battery was left in too long or left in heat. The chemicals inside the battery expend and the seal is broken, leaving it to be prone to leakage.

Supplies you will need:

  • baking soda and water
  • q tips and or cotton pads
  • damp paper towel

  1. The baking soda safely neutralizes the acid. Saturate the end of the q tip and go to work cleaning out the battery acid (wear gloves if you are going to be messy and rinse off right away if it does get on your hands).
  2. Gentle rub with a damp paper towel anything left over
  3. Let it air dry before putting fresh batteries in

Sadly I did not have batteries to try this out to see if it worked. I have found batteries and the magic mouse has been restored!

The erosion also eat through the aluminum covering, as you can see no amount of scrubbing helped. It did help on the inside and my fingers are crossed that it will work again soon.

2 thoughts on “3: declutter your digital life & cleaning battery acid 

  1. Despite reading my email daily and deleting unwanted items, I seem to have 468 items in my inbox! You are a marvel!


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