2: meditate for fifteen minutes 

I have always been a fan of meditation after yoga class. Home meditation is another story, one that I can’t seem to get myself to do it. Today was simpler because I knew I had just one day and Lululemon just happen to post a guided mediation yesterday (I guess you can say the force was with me).

Initially I started off sitting but, as you’ll realize if you listen to the video, she quickly talks about the benefits of laying down during meditation. My grandma gave me her meditation pillow and I really think it helps to take the pressure off of sore places. In the past I find sitting works for me because I tend to relax too much and fall asleep. (No one likes the snorer during savasana,)

Meditation doesn’t have to be a long process, it helps to start with smaller amounts of time. You can listen to a guide, soothing music or have it be quiet. There are so many different ways to mediate and things to meditate on.

This lady was really great and the 15 minutes went by quickly. Check it out and let me know what you think. Do any of you practice meditation daily.

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