1: stay offline for one day

This morning upon waking I did not check any social media which was very difficult. Orientation at school did not require me to go online. The hardest part was not preoccupying myself with checking emails, snapchats and scrolling through instagram’s news feeds during my down time. How ridiculous is it that when I would sit down somewhere my first thought was to check something on my phone?

So far I have 48 unread personal emails that are just begging to be opened or deleted. I realize I am online now, but I am only on wordpress to do this post and then I will log off. I learned that I have a lot more free time when I’m not on the web. It also forced me to do other things with my down time, like read through my large pile of magazines. But in all honestly I was able to have a less stressful day.

In case your interest: (benefits of “unplugging”)

Unplug please

Feeling overconnected 

Have any of you gone a day without being online?

2 thoughts on “1: stay offline for one day

  1. I definitely need to try this. I see myself checking Facebook in every bit of free time throughout my day. It is one of my biggest addictions. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  2. I have done a few offline weekends. It is scary at first to be without your “lifeline” but then becomes so freeing. It’s as if this swelling in your brain that you didn’t know was there starts to go down.


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