30-day minimalism challenge

With the new year it has always been difficult for me to establish new year resolutions. To be happy and live a wonderful life. Is that not what everyone wants? Are resolutions simply the steps to achieve these goals? These are questions I’ve never been able to answer.

It is not as simple as doing one thing a day to achieve my goals but it’s a lot simpler to have a schedule of something that can be done everyday.

For 30 days I am going to try a challenge I stumbled across online. Some days will have to be done out of order due to school obligations. Overall I will stick to it and do a post everyday. If you are interested you should try too. Comment below to let me know your progress.



Come along with me on my journey from January 20-Febuary 18. At the bottom of my blog you can enter your email to receive an email each time I post.


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