bag clean out 

When I was younger I remember running errands with my mom and cleaning out her purse in the car. She occasionally would complain her purse was too heavy and it was very heavy! To help her I would throw out old receipts, coupons and trash. Perhaps not everyone enjoys sorting through their Mary Poppin’s bag but I think a weekly clean out keeps your shoulders happy and the people behind you in line happy.

A while back I was told that my bag was like Hermione Granger, from Harry Potter. Her magical bag held everything she needed. It’s rewarding having someone ask for a bandaid and being able to whip out a whole first aid kit.

Where is the line drawn though? I think I could fill a small duffle with all my “necessities”.

This week was especially stuffed full because I had surgery and I was carrying extra supplies.

Here is everything. My bag becomes a dumping area for things that need to be put in the car or that don’t have a place.

This is all the garbage I had. I put my magazines by my bed.

Typically I carry a little cosmetic bag (I left it at school). So for now these are the things that will be put away in the bathroom and other various places.

This is what I decided to keep. Wallet, planner, pencil case, headphones, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, hair tie, and glasses case.

It fits neatly and next week I will do another cleaning. I would love to see your neat bags, Tag me in your bag clean out, #simplifyyourbag

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