My day: nursing student


What I’m wearing: Lululemon cotton leggings (they are amazing), and a lululemon sweater (which unfortunately got snagged on my coat zipper).


My lovely roommate left me some nice ripe avocados. This is one of my favorite breakfasts. Normally I have a smoothie, but when the weather is colder I’m less motivated to take out the frozen fruit.


My last exam of the semester is tomorrow, so I had lots of studying to do. Currently I am in my OB rotation which is my favorite because it is the area that I want to work in, so it makes studying a bit more enjoyable.


This weekend I neglected to do my chore so today I cleaned up the kitchen and cleaned leo’s (my turtle) tank. My roommates and I have a little chore chart that we sign off when we do a chore. We all try and pull our part to ensure a clean and happy apartment. My least favorite area to clean is the bathroom.


This was always my go-to meal in college, I make tuna and then eat it with a ton of spinach. It’s not the best lunch, but it’s quick and tasty.

At 12pm I met my professor at the hospital to go over material for our test tomorrow. It was a make up day for students that had missed clinical, so it was fun to go in and hear about their day. Today they got to see a baby with a broken clavicle. Poor little thing was too big and got stuck during the birth.


Back at home I decided to pack up my bags to go home for winter break. I leave Wednesday after class but I am not a last minute packer and wanted to get it out of the way. My sister recently gave me a foam roller for my birthday and I am so thrilled with it. It’s coming home with me. I have 3 bags, one with my gym/ comfy clothes. A small one for socks and stuff like that. Then the duffle has my clothes such as sweaters, pants and dresses.

4:40 I went over to the family’s apartment I used to live beneath to see Ruby, the little girl and her mom. It was so much fun, we made snowflakes and caught up. Ruby is so smart and read an entirely book to me! I also discovered that my christmas tree was up in the attic so I picked that up. I really miss my little apartment there, the almost white walls and hard wood floors were great.

Here is an old picture of Ruby and Nik and I. We did some face masks. Ruby and I are playing a frozen game, we used to have lots of fun together.


Home: I studied more and then finished “The Girl on the Train” by: Paula Hawkins, the end had such a twist and I’m glad to have finished it. My roommate is reading it next and I can’t wait to see what she thinks. Any good book recommendations? I love checking out books from the library so normally I look through the librarian recommendations.

I hope you all had a nice day 🙂



4 thoughts on “My day: nursing student

  1. For great book recommendations you should look at “” I have an account and live by it to find books, and keep track of my personal library.

    I found your lovely blog on Instagram and think it’s great!

    – missnat18 – Natalie


  2. Found your lovely blog and have really enjoyed reading it… *I previously made a comment about book recommendations… but I think it was deleted (if not this will be an awkward double reply)*

    You should go to, for amazing book recommendations. I have an account and it has helped me keep track of my personal library and find other books I enjoy!

    – Missnat18 (from instagram)


    1. Thank you so much natalie! I really appreciate you coming to look at my blog. I am going to be posting more and more and hopefully will find my voice soon. Your first comment wasn’t deleted, it just has to be approved since it was the first comment from you. It should show up now 🙂
      Did you know at the bottom on the page you can enter your email address? If you follow me then you will get an email each time I do a post.

      Thank you! I will definitely check out goodreads, I’m always asking for recommendation from the librarians but they are starting to run out.
      Are you thinking about starting a blog? I would love to follow you.
      I hope you are having a nice time at college and look forward to hearing from you again!


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