2015 Holidays: gift tags


Packaging presents can be a beautiful part of the gift. Sometimes it can be hard to find an appropriate gift tag. Here I will show you how I made them ahead of time so they will be ready when I wrap the presents.

1. I used extra scrap water color paper that I had, but any hard stock paper will work. I cut out a tag to the desired size and shape and then used it as a template to cut out the rest. You can vary your sizes and shapes if you want. Circles and other shapes would look nice. Maybe a nice tree?

2. Next, I mixed up a nice red from my water color palette. I first dip my paintbrush in water and wet a rough circle on the tag and then I go in and drop in the red color to get the cool watercolor effect.

3. This calligraphy pen is my newest tool but it’s becoming my favorite. I purchased it from Hyatts (which is my local art supply store). I’m using the e+m nib and pen holder (similar but not sure if they are the same). They let me try out a couple different nibs and this had the best feel and style. I’m not an expert but it’s fun to try. I also just purchased calli ink which I am very happy with.

Here I wrote Merry Christmas, but this would work for any occasion.

4. Then I hole punched it so that later I can add string to attach to the package.

5. On the back I wrote their names and that it was from me.

It’s really simple but a great way to add a personal touch to your wrapping. I will do more posts on wrapping and how to make it simple and beautiful.


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