Thanksgiving Week

This past week was Thanksgiving. My sisters came home from Michigan for a couple day and we spent a lot of time in my parents barn and out with the dogs. Here we are at a friendly game of football. We are having a very unusual winter here in upstate New York. The weather was beautiful. Garrett and I enjoyed the game from the side lines, while my sister Jessica played in shorts. She then complains that she is cold, so I’m still working through that one. Ralph, our dog is very happy curled up on the blanket. As long as he isn’t left out he is a happy guy.

The best part is just relaxing. My mom and I did a lot of work ahead of time to get the barn all set up so that the day of we could enjoy the company. It still took a lot of work to get the food set up but I have an amazing family that works hard to make sure everyone is having a lovely time.

How perfect is our little barn? It still needs some work but my family and I are so pleased we found it. Antonelli’s are the original owners.

(Tom and I enjoy sitting back to back and use each other has support, it’s a mutualistic relationship.)

This time of year is my favorite. Thanksgiving break was particularly fun and we even got to pick out our tree early this year. The tree is in the barn this year so fingers are crossed that it doesn’t die before Christmas. This is Jessy and I at the tree farm. Our tree is tall, skinny and a little charlie brownish so I’ll just say we didn’t have to fight anyone for it. I’ve got a vision of the barn and something about a extra special tree adds character to my mom’s and my christmas decor.

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Week

  1. Nice to see our future nurse/architect gets to enjoy some quality family/Tom time. Your friend at Midtown

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