The day: my apt 

It’s difficult in my new apartment to simplify my things and to organize because everything is in limbo between my apartment and my parent’s new house. So, I thought I would start a new series so you all can follow me through my day. As a nursing student each day is different and sometimes exciting. I hope you enjoy!

When I wake up I like to write down everything I want to accomplish for the day, and then I organize it on a time table. This helps me to stay on track and then I don’t feel the day go by and wonder what happened to it.

Typically I do not have coffee in the morning, but today the cooler temperatures and rain made me crave a nice warm cup with coconut creamer. My everyday cold smoothie is becoming less appealing, something about colder temperatures does not scream frozen fruit.

Leo, my turtle received a much needed tank cleaning. Once a week just doesn’t seem to be cutting it lately. Poor little guy had to go back into cold water after his little exercise walk. (He does have a heater and heat lamp, if any turtle lovers are wondering)

My love for lush is real. This cleanser roll has really been getting me in the holiday spirits. Is it too early? Never.

I make my bed every day, which isn’t difficult because I sleep with a down comforter. As you can see from the before picture I mess the bed up pretty badly in the night and whenever I have a sheet and the duvet, one always ends up on the floor. What happens in the night is still a mystery. So I save myself the tangled bed sheets and just have the down comforter.

I don’t have classes on Friday so I wore a comfy outfit because I knew I would just be around the apartment today.

I worked ahead to keep up with my school work. Today I did a care plan and took 2 quizzes. I try and break the work up throughout the day. The coral highlighted lines are 8pm meds I gave to a patient last clinical. Poor little guy had so many and were administered through his G tube.

It all started when I decided to replace some magazine clipping from the frames on my wall. Now I have the watercolor bug and I have been spending lots of time working on art for friends and family. I don’t want to spoil anything so here is a glimpse of the art that I did for my wall.

I’ve been reading Goldfinch by Donna Tartt and it is amazing. It’s quite a dense book that follows a boy’s life over several year. Before bed I love to read. Although lately it has pushed my bedtime back because I have a hard time stopping. I guess its better to stay up late reading then pouring over Instagram photos.

One thought on “The day: my apt 

  1. I really enjoyed your post this morning! We miss seeing you this weekend, so it was one way of keeping in touch. Your illustrations are beyond beautiful!


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