The extra room

When I moved into this new apartment I was thrilled to see there was an extra room where my large drafting desk would fit. I had great plans of what this space would become.

Unfortunately it became a dumping room for all the things I didn’t want in my room. The other rooms were already decorated and full so this left most of my stuff in boxes on the floor. Sadly, I must admit this is not its worse state.

There are a couple steps I go through when I clean out a room

  1. Trash: Its unbelievable how much trash accumulates. I hang a trash bag and start throwing in anything and everything that is garbage
  2. Sort: I start by going through each box and asking myself
    • Why do I have this?
    • Do I use this?
    • When have I used it last?
    • Do I love it?
    • Would I miss it if it got lost?
  3. Find a home: This is currently a difficult step for me, because not all things have home. I share the apartment with 2 other girls, and to cover the apartment with all my special things would be selfish. So for now I found them a spot in the closet.


It won’t be perfect. My simplymme solution for this over cluttered shelf would be to eliminate things. Well I am not ready to part with most of these items, so for now it will stay like this, along with my plentiful collection of binders. Another confession: The baskets are empty, total waste of space. Solutions will soon follow.

Embrace your hobbies. This fold up music stand is just going to have to sit here. If something isn’t out in the open I lose it, so for now its where I can find it.

Lastly let’s talk about papers. I can not stand lots of handouts and powerpoint slide that professors use for notes. This 6 inch thick stack is from 3 months of an accelerated nursing program. There is no getting around it. I killed a small park of trees. Even worse is, that the pile on the right is going to stay with me until I have successfully passed the NCLEX (at least 12 more months of looking at the growing stack).

The best advice I have for school papers is to keep the necessities, keep them neat and in order, and binder clip them by class. (PS. I am ashamed of this pile)

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