My Bedroom 

These are a few areas of my room that I love. They house a few things that get used daily. For me it is important to keep my room as clear and clean as possible. I’m still working to eliminate everything I don’t use. Here it is:

For the past couple years I have always used a stool as my bedside table. I like that it can easily be moved when I make my bed and vacuum. Besides water and a beautiful candle holder (a present from Martha’s vineyard) I try and keep the stool empty. It fills up and gets cleared off daily. There isn’t an attractive solution to hide my power cords and my hats sit on the bed post but I am happy with this little spot.

This chair gets its use as a bag and duvet holder (when I change my bed sheets). Unfortunately I do not sit in it as much as I would like to. The chair is from Ikea and I love the white seat and wooden legs. The Longaberger basket hold all my extra blankets including the top one that I crocheted. My inspiration board will be changed out shortly with a Fall picture. Any ideas on what I should put in the frame?

I try to keep my room solely a place to sleep. The extra seating is nice though when people come to visit.

On the other side of my bed I have another unit that houses everything one might have on a shelf. Because I do not have any dressers or shelves this is where everything in my room sits. The chart is from Ikea and has wheels so I can easily move it around. Originally I told my mom to get the bright teal color (thankfully she didn’t listen and opted for that grey)

On the top is a bamboo plant that I have had for 6 years! (since I started college). It has had its ups and downs. Right now it is recovering from a down. Last year his little glass vase broke and I am still working on finding his roots a comfortable place amongst the rocks. Hang on little guy. He is perfect, because I can see when his water gets low and he doesn’t require a lot of sunlight.

My sister purchased this oil diffuser as a graduation gift for me. It is so easy to use and I love it! My favorite essential oil right now is Rose Otto.

In this little tray I keep bedtime cosmetics. I have my hand balm, chapstick, hair ties, allergy balm and my boyfriend’s bracelet (because, he would say, I am sentimental)  I also have peppermint spray to keep away any spiders that come with renting an old house.

The second shelf I keep anything I am currently reading. Before bed I write down everything I want to remember to do in the morning so a notepad and pen come in handy.

The bottom has a blanket that I take out when it gets colder, and under the blanket is a heating pad. The blanket is nice and close so in the night when I’m freezing, I don’t have to fumble around the room trying to find the blanket.

2 thoughts on “My Bedroom 

  1. So fun to see your room! Your post inspires me to get rid of all the clutter in mine! Love the chair!


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