Hello again

Having just finished my Architecture degree on Friday and starting nursing school this Monday, I have been left very busy. As a result the new apartment has felt the neglect (as well as my turtle, Leo).

The apartment was already lived in by my roommates, as a result we had everything we needed, besides what I needed for my bedroom. This left me with little space for my kitchen and bathroom things (how many pans can we really store). Currently they are still hanging out in moving bins and boxes waiting to be organized and sorted.

As you can see in the basket, I have had a chronic “out of site, out of mind” attitude in dealing with it.

Today I talked with a friend about how overwhelming having lots of things can be. Although I have eliminated a lot of unnecessary my desk currently haunts me with school papers from last semester. My closet similarly has no summer clothes and currently is stuffed in jeans (I never wear) and sweaters that are way too warm.

These beauty products are somewhere I never thought I would allow myself to keep them… in my room (result of sharing a bathroom and no assurance of getting in there first).

So this is the issue I’m facing. The products I use most, do not have a home. And the thing’s that are stowed away are never used. What am I to do?

I realize this is a sad update on the state of my apartment, however I anticipate a very productive memorial day weekend.

2 thoughts on “Hello again

  1. Could you get a large shower caddy (the sort that people bought for the dorm) for the things you used to store in the bathroom? There are larger ones available that are meant for cleaning products that might work as well-not so aesthetically pleasing, but practical!


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