Wool dryer balls

A quick decision was made to wash my down comforters this week. The amount of time it had been since last washed was embarrassing. I went to a local laundry place after discovering my new laundry machines were way too small. My experience was definitely not what I had envisioned in my head.

My expectation: ‘Me sitting in a nice seating area, typing my notes, and watching my laundry spin away becoming nice and clean and fresh’

Reality: ‘Walking in and smelling all the machines to find the one with the least odor, spilling the laundry soap, rinsing it off, realizing there are no paper towels, anywhere, sitting in a dingy room with a sticky table and 15 TV (it looked like an electronic store when they stack them 5 rows and 3 columns), why would they need that many? It was a bad nightmare), and being paranoid about my computer, so every trip to check on the down comforters was accompanied by my laptop.

Despite loving laundry, the love did not carry into the laundry mat. It was very clean and nice for a laundry mat but the unmistakable laundry mat smell was a lot to handle while I sat there for 3 hours. This is me being thankful for the washer and dryer in my apartment.

I washed them in hot water and hot heat in hopes that they would come out smelling fresh and be clean as new.

I ordered the wool laundry balls from WeKeepItReal easy shop, they took awhile to arrive due to shipping issues but they came and I couldn’t be happier with them (it came with a natural deodorant sample). I love that they are the real wool kind and not the wool string ball dryer balls. The move to the new apartment, made it difficult to compare the drying time, however it seems a lot shorter and they were perfect for fluffing the down comforters.

Maybe I just like them because they are cute. The sheets and towels came out static free though, so they served some purpose!

Here they are, rolling around in the largest dryer in the place.

2 thoughts on “Wool dryer balls

  1. Brave girl! This is something everyone should do periodically and never does. Good argument for buying an XL capacity washer!

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