It’s the little things

It’s been a week since my move into the new apartment. The adjustment to sharing a space where two girls have been living for a year has been less challenging then expected. Not having to be the only one emptying the trash is a nice change. I need to keep reminding myself not to leave things out though.

My favorite things this week:

Tom. It made the space complete when he came to visit this weekend. He is big on the leg drains (placing your feet straight up on a wall). We sometimes always eat too many sweets and tasty treats during our weekend together, so the leg drain helps our bodies feel better, a little peace offering.

We didn’t really think through the whole part of the oars being in the way… somehow the strings managed to hold them up.

The living room. It is huge, and has hardwood floors. Although I have an entire room for a study area with my desk, I really enjoy sitting on the comfy couch to type some notes up. Its comfortable, but I’m not doing work in bed.

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