My new room  

I wish this move was the last I’d ever have to do. Furniture and boxes are more heavy than you think and it was painful to see how much stuff I actually have. With that said, I am so happy with the new space. My parents were a huge help and they know me so well. My mother knows exactly what I am meticulous about. For example, when my dad sat on my bed my mother replies “Melissa doesn’t like when people sit on her bed” I haven’t thought about it in a long time, because people aren’t normally in my room in the old apartment, but it does drive me crazy. Evidence of this is the squished down comforter and lines on the bed.

The room went from a bright purple to the Behr’s Ion paint color. It is a green gray and went on the wall with 2 coats. My dad was in charge of the edges and I rolled, every last drop was used of the paint to try to cover any reminisce of purple.


(These are the purple walls…)

My favorite details of the new room:

  • The wall color!
  • The thick molding along the floor
  • The large brand new windows
    • It looks out onto a large backyard that is grass and has beautiful purple flowers growing
  • My cute closet with its own window
  • The square footage is much larger so there is more room to breathe
  • The photo wall and oars that my dad hung

The move also cost nothing, I have everything I need and the only expense was the paint. $33 (paint, 50% primer, Behr) + $10 (paint kit) = $43.

A major difference is the street noise though. There are constantly cars and trucks driving by and people talking, loudly. Currently it has not bothered me, I will check in again in a month and let you know.

There are still a couple things that haven’t been put away and I need to get a bin for winter clothes, but overall my room is set. Fortunately there is a fourth bedroom that was unused. My desk fit perfectly in there along with my craft supplied and yoga mat. It will be lots of fun to get it organized and set up this week.

Things I have not moved:

  • Kitchen supplies
  • My shelving unit and its contents
  • Some boxes and a stool
  • Leo and his tank

Tom, my boyfriend will be my lucky companion in moving the remaining items. It will be such a relief when it is finished!

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