The move is happening…

A week earlier than planned! My dad (my main helper) had a work conflict next weekend, so Saturday will be the big day.

To make the move easier, on my dad and friend Nik, I have brought over as many items to the apartment as I can. The first load consisted of communal things for the living room.

I started by collecting all furniture and items that I would not use in the next 3 days. Let me just say, moving things in and out of the car, up and down windy narrow stairs (while trying to keep the door and car locked) is a work out! Rather frustrating too. : (

My biggest tip is: RECRUIT A FRIEND

If you are like me though, you hate bothering people with all your stuff.

Currently, I am happy with the lack of “stuff”. More purging will need to take place when I find places for things in the new space. It’s important for me to start this new apartment clutter free. My mom will be coming up Sunday morning to help organize the closet and hang picture frame (she has a special bug for decorating and organizing that I must have caught from her).

Embarrassing, I spent 45 minutes in the paint store selecting a color. On a side note: sending photos of paint swabs to someone for advice is useless. It was comical how different the paint swatch was from the picture. My mom kept telling me to stop picking grey. I swore they were blue and green. Finally I just had to go with my gut, it is this color that really caught my eye from the beginning and one that my head said was perfect. Fingers crossed it comes out nice.

Finally I decided on a color called ‘Ion’ from Behr. I selected a paint with 50% primer (the highest amount) in hopes of completely covering the purple that is currently existing in the room.

In my hopes and dreams the color will appear like this on the walls.


Let’s hope the move goes smoothly and that I find time to study for my Microbiology Exam this coming Monday.


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