It’s my space to take care of

Here is a little secret enjoyment I have gotten out of living alone.

I can do whatever I want, whenever I wish to. When the dishes pile up in the sink or my desk is a mess, I am the only one who has to deal with it. No one else will be needed to use the space. After I clean and scrub it clean, it’s strictly for my enjoyment (unless I have company, which is rare). So what is it about living alone that’s so much different than having a shared space?

Everything in my apartment belongs to me. Anything that gets used or shuffled out of place is a result of me only. Growing up with three sisters, our favorite response to my mom telling us to clean something up was, “It’s not mine, or I didn’t do it”. Let’s just say that didn’t last long. My mom’s response was always “I do not care, or I did not ask who’s it was, please pick it up”. We learned quickly that it was faster just to do it.

What a relief to have the mess me all mine! Scrubbing the bathroom tub somehow seems better when it is just me who has showered in it. Emptying the trash seems less gross when I know everything that is in it.

This may sound strange, but this simple act of living alone and having everything in the apartment be all mine has made the biggest difference in the caring of my space.

2 thoughts on “It’s my space to take care of

  1. I’ve never lived on my own but have always wanted to. I’m far beyond that now and it won’t happen until I’m very old and won’t want to live alone, lol. How do you feel about moving? Are you looknig forward to the change of having room mates? I’m sure you’ll get on just fine because of having sisters growing up, but I do wonder how you feel about it.


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