I’m moving!

After finding no affordable decent apartment online I had a moment of desperation and search the room shared section of craigslist and didn’t I get luck!

In 2 weeks I will be moving in with two loving girls. The apartment we will share is large and spacious. My bedroom has large windows facing east, perfect for the morning sun!

Two years of living in the same space has been wonderful and my apartment is just how I like it, however I am so excited to start reorganizing and creating simplicity in a new space. I will give more updates soon.


1. Purge anything I won’t want to bring into the new apartment

2. Paint (the current color is a purple, any ideas on what color I should paint?)

3. Pack!

I’m trying hard to not bring anything new into my apartment and only take things out. All items in my apartment I am looking at critically. I realize I will be the one; boxing it up, loading it into a vehicle, carrying it up a large flight of stairs and then finding a spot for it.

How fun is it to think if you only had 5 boxes, what would you put in it?

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