my morning on Tuesday 3.31.15

(Pre-morning): After I get all tucked in bed I pull out a pad of paper and write down everything I want to accomplish the following day. It’s a very messy list and I constantly add things to it in the morning and throughout the day as I remember.

Then in the morning, I make a master list. For some people this doesn’t work, but for me my schedule is so busy that if I don’t have an hour to hour schedule I pace around the apartment lost about what to do first.

Here is a little sneak peak of my morning routine.

6am I am such a morning person and this is just when I naturally wake up

After I start with a glass of water and lemon to sip on, I immediately I go to the kitchen and make a green juice, it looks a little like a brown juice here (kale, celery, lemon, apple, ginger- that was today’s, each day is different) The smell of the freshly cut up vegetables and fruit is a great thing to wake up to.

Shower and get dressed (today I only have a study sessions in the afternoon at 2pm so I wore comfy leggings and a fleece), somehow my old apartment never feels warm enough.

Before I start my day and forget, I do important urgent things (like writing a rent check)

7am I listen to a recorded lecture from a class and take notes

8am Eat Thomas’ English Muffin with butter, this gives me a little something so I am not starving till lunch (although maybe one day the juice will be enough)

8:30 More studying (for an exam on Monday) I am trying hard to break up the study sessions, so I try to limit myself to 30 min at a time.

11:30 I plan a time for lunch and what I will eat so then I am not tempting to rush out the door and forget food. Today I am trying an avocado mixture inside a collard green (I hope it’s yummy)

1:45 leave for school. Before I leave for school I make a smoothie to take in a jar. Currently it’s warm enough to keep cold. This helps me not be tempted by candy bars in the vending machine and Tim Hortons on campus.

What do your mornings look like?

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