What’s hiding under your bed? 

Sometimes I think back to my childhood when my mother would come in with a yard stick pulling everything out from under our beds. Believe it or not but I think I always had the most amount of stuff under there. We then had to find a place for everything or else into the garbage it went. Having shared a room with my sister, storage was limited and our small closet barely contained both of our clothes much less extras.

I guess my room is similar now in that the only place to put things is under my bed or on the night stand. Since my younger days, I can happily say I have improved and the following is what I had hidden under there:

  • Bin – bedding
  • Small bun- childhood blankets and a couple stuffed animals
  • Violin, wedding music binder, music stand
  • Empty space saver bag (kinda ironic)

I organized my sheets and pillow cases and took everything else (into my closet, to deal with at a later date)

Feng shui believes in order to allow free energy movement, under the bed must be kept clear. More important for me than energy flow, is to not allow dust to collect. I now have free range with my vacuum to get under there every week.

2 thoughts on “What’s hiding under your bed? 

  1. We have a platform bed that is low to the floor so we can’t use the space for storage. The only things under there are dust bunnies and random toys that get kicked through the small gap 🙂 Before this bed I tried not to store much but a container like you have with sheets 🙂 Under my 15 & 16 year olds beds are an entirely different story lol


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