My uses for Coconut Oil

I use Nutiva organic extra virgin coconut oil, although I can not seem to find my exact container online or in store anymore. Coconut oil is comprised mostly of saturated fat, along with some unsaturated fat and trace amounts of vitamins E and K, as well as iron. It also contains phenolic compounds, which are antioxidant substances that neutralize potentially harmful chemicals, free radicals.

When purchasing, its important to get a cold pressed because it is processed at lower temperatures. These will help it to maintain higher phenolic and nutrient content.

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Research Coconut Oil uses and there will be hundred of uses. This is what I use it for:

1. Moisturizer. This works well to put on before night. Keep in mind, It does not contain alcohol so it will take longer to dry.

2. Make up remover. Wipes were always my ‘go to’ in the past. Neutrogena, Ponds, Burt’s bees, I have given them all a try. My eyes would always be irritated and puffy after wiping the mascara off. A few swipes of this on a q-tip and the makeup melts off so easily and pain free.

3. Nail moisturizer. My nails, especially toe nails get severely dehydrated. White spots on your nails can be a signal of dehydration. I have tried several lotions, oils and creams, however nothing made a different. I rubbed it on the nail and the majority of the white was gone! I could not believe how quickly it worked. Simply massage into the nail.

4. Hair lotion. Recently I have switched to Everyday Cononut Shampoo and Conditioner , it is wonderful and natural. My hair however was dehydrated during the adjustment phase. I worked up the courage and put coconut oil in my hair! No more problems, it gave it such shine and an unbelievable amount of softness.

5. Oil Pulling. This is difficult to talk about, if you can stomach it though, you will only benefit.

  mb 8

* Of course test a little on your forearm to ensure no allergic reaction.

Kristen Rice Photography took these beautiful photo, you can check out her Facebook here and her website. She does amazing work if you are ever in the Buffalo or Binghamton, NY area.

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