March Wish List

In the process of eliminating the amount of things I owe, I finding that I desire items that are useful and practical. These things are things that I have researched and feel they would serve a purpose in my everyday life. It’s not possible for me to go out and buy everything on my list. So I am looking for your feedback. Any ideas on what you think is the most practice purchase?

If you are like me, you can not stand pulling things out of the dryer or putting on a shirt that has so much static clink it crackles and sticks to your skin. I have never used dryer sheets because I am against all the residue it puts on clothes, and I do not use fabric softener simply because my detergent seems to do a fine job on its own.

1. Woolzie Wool dryer balls


I love the all wool kind and this would be so easy to pop in the dryer. Right now with the new dryer that was installed, my clothes take so long to dry, 55 minutes! They claim to cut drying time by 25%.

2. Portable Humidifier


The air is so dry in upstate New York, when I walk outside my nose burns so bad and then I sit in the car trying not to breath in the cold dry air because it hurts to bad. This screws onto your water bottle and I can just image myself holding this up and breathing it in the whole car ride.

3. Vegetable brush


I eat/ juice a lot of vegetables and while some I can run under the water and use my hands to clean off, things like carrots and beets are tough and have a lot of dirt on them. I think the brush would be nice to get them clean.

4. Towels


Isn’t this just beautiful! I can see myself getting rid of all my beach towels and cotton towels for one of these. Right now I have too many fluffy cotton towels and they take up too much room. In my bathroom, where there are only three shelves, one is completely dedicated to beach/ swimming towels and the other to normal towels and then there is still an overflow. In upstate New York, the beach towels are getting almost no use, except for 3 months of summer.

These linen ones also look amazing, here. They a lot more expensive.


What do you think of these, here? I use the produce bags after for garbage bags but it still seems like there should be an alternative to so much plastic.

See my pinterest board for more of my “I do not need” wishes.

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