Stationary & Watercolor Basket

There is a little too much cramped into my stationary basket. I can find anything relatively easily though and I know everything that’s in it.

It helps so much to lay everything out and group items by like. A lot of this was craft items which I moved to the basket on my shelving unit. Sadly that craft basket is reaching it’s limits and will need another purge soon.

Something important to keep in mind it to use your stationary, do not let it accumulate. Receiving letters is really fun and writing them is even better.

Getting rid of package is critical if you want to limit the amount of space things take up. First you have to decide if it is really worth keeping because simply organizing it neatly, in a space saving way, does not always mean it was worth holding onto in the first place. These watercolor paints are very old and dried up. I have a new portable set that I use almost exclusively. For now I will hang onto these because they offer a lot more color selection but maybe one day I will be brave and toss them.

I put them in this cute little box that I could not part with and it was the perfect size! Now if I get more watercolor paint they can all be put together.

I think it’s better. I want to just keep this basket for stationary and card making so hopefully I can keep everything else that wanders in, out!

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