Kitchen/ Desk space; food storage

Peek back at the before.

It’s extremely difficult to find space where there is none. I disassembled the tall table by the fridge and it is currently being stored in the closet. I then moved the shelving unit and rolling card in that corner. It opens up the space immensely and allows me to use the counter space more efficiently.

(moved the cookbooks onto the shelving unit)

(moved all food items together and off the top of the fridge) Can you see I have a tiny fridge? I love it, it’s perfect size for one person.

I did this by cutting a lot of the packaging off the top. Boxes were also removed and the labels/ instructions were cut off so I could tape them on the bag. This helped save a lot of space and allows easier viewing.

Some times I keep plastic containers because I feel bad recycling, after only a single use. However I ended up only using my nice containers. It was time for them to go and what I was left with was just nice matching sets. This is extremely narrow and only allows for me to store one container width ways so for now it is essentially that I don’t add, or else I’ll end up with a stack that tumbles over.

What I would love to replace my paper towels with, here.

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