Living Space; establish purpose of space

My living room gets the most amount of use when people come to visit. The rest of the time it is used for dumping things after I arrive home, although I try and be good about immediately putting things away.

So what is my purpose for this space? It’s important that the whole house works together. If you have multiple places for blankets it can be frustrating looking for the specific blanket you want. Try and keep objects grouped together. This helps to view everything at once and prevents searching the house.

These are little zones:

  • The coat and shoe area
  • Dresser; this houses my sweatshirts, yoga pants, shirts, socks and pajamas. On top is my jewelry
  • There is also another shoe rack to the right of the door in the little nook.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

  • Couch and comfy seating which I tend to leave fairly bare
  • Leo’s space (my turtle), with randoms things stowed underneath.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

I chose this room to start with because it needs the least amount of work (big Microbiology exam today). There is little room for things to hide and this layout seems to be well established and best suited for the space. The two larger white pieces balance the smaller walls they sit on and give them purpose. I love the window open because it gives off such beautiful light. The couch on the long wall works to easily allow access from the entrance without disrupting flow.

My goals are to:

1. Go through my shoe bin and eliminate anything I won’t wear again or that needs to be thrown away

2. Sort through dresser; tshirts, jewelry, leggings and sweatshirts

3. Put away all things in box under leo’s tank.

4. Pick favorite blankets to keep

5. Fix oar hanging status

6. Have rug cleaned?

Please comment below if you have any ideas or suggestions on how I could better organize my space! or feel free to share your ideas on what changes you have or would make to your living space.

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