Apartment Overhaul

Although I have made progress in different areas of my apartment, I’m still holding onto a lot of unused items. In an attempt to ensure a complete cleanse I will start my own four week program. Each week I will tackle a different room of my apartment. My goal each day is to focus on one area. Throughout the week I will show you how I purge teams and then at the end of the week, post a before and after picture. (click on the link to the right, to enter your email for email updates) Because let’s face it, how many of us start reducing clutter and then get pulled to different areas? Then, we never really weed out everything we wished we had.

Weekly Series

Week 1 Living Room/ Entrance

Week 2 Kitchen/ Desk Area

Week 3 Bathroom

Week 4 Bedroom


(Here are some ideas for things or spaces that are preexisting. This are not my photos, but off of pinterest.)

The last bedroom series will lead into my exploration of the lean closet movement. You can find out the steps I will take here. The lean closet movement is started by a company I love, although I have yet to be able to purchase anything from their store.

I am hoping that after I finish cleaning out everything I do not wear, any money made from consignment can go towards the purchase of this , this, this, or this (in my dreams) . But really anything they have would be lovely. It is all about not buying or accumulating things you don’t need and saving to buy better quality items that you will love forever.

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