Stop accumulating

Trying to clean out and minimize is mainly what I am trying to tackle on this blog. ‘Donate’ piles constantly clutter the front door. This is good though because it means I am continuing to left go and get rid of unnecessary things.

There is another problem though, one of buying and accumulating. Even if it is not purchased at a store, bringing things in that you do not need adds to the clutter. Some problem items that sneak into my apartment are as follows:

  • blankets
  • paper/ envelopes and stationary
  • books
  • school supplies
  • cups
  • pajamas/ t-shirts

It is silly because everything listed above is useful, but it is unnecessary when you have 3-10 of the same things. The extras end up having to be stored away.

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Plastic bags can fill up a space. I hate throwing them out, unused, and instead use them as trash bags. I have accumulated a lot though and I cringe every time I am handed a plastic bag. Don’t forget your reusable bags.

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Tips when you want to buy:

  • Think about where it will go
  • How many of these do you already have?
  • What is already or what would take its place if you did not buy it?
  • Is this something that you have gotten in the past and not used?
  • Think about if it is a good investment

Basically, think about if you need this or simply want it.

It doesn’t matter if it is a really good price, even if it is a small item it will be adding to your overall stuff.

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