Morning Routine

Although I have been dubbed a morning person, this does not always ensure that I wake up feeling my best. Most mornings I do not wake up feeling like my I had my beauty sleep or that my face is refreshed. Instead my eyes are swollen, puffy and I feel congested. My allergens are especially bad in the winter. (I will share with you in my nightly routine post on how I deal with this).

The first thing I do in the morning is splash cold water on my face, it get the blood circulating and reduces eye puffiness. Despite it not sounding like the most pleasant thing to do, it actually feels amazing. It is similar to taking a big drink of cold refreshing water. If my eyes are really swollen I wear a gel eye mask, which feels amazingly cooling. I’m so glad I finally found one in a store near by. It sits in my fridge in case I also get a headache.

Wash and moisturize my face. Even though its important to wash your face and neck before bed, it is equally important to wash when you wake up, because it is a full 8 hours of serum that your face is producing. For me its important to start with a clean face.

mb 7

Chapstick. Before I put on makeup, I put on chapstick to sooth my lips. Dry air can really suck any moisture out from them. By putting it on before you start your makeup routine, your lips will be hydrated when it comes time for lipstick.

mb 6mb 5

I can not say that I put on makeup everyday, or even once a week! When I do it is super light, some light powder, blush and mascara. As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t seem worth it to put makeup on when I am covering my face with a hat and scarf to go outside.

mb 12

For breakfast I always eat a lot! To start off I drink a huge glass of water with lemon. Then I will make something ranging from juice, cereal, steal cut oats, toast and avocado, eggs and smoothies. I love eating in the morning!

Planning and knowing what I have to do that day is vital to keep me calm and focused. My task list is something I write in throughout the day with everything I need to do. I check it over first thing so I can accomplish anything urgent. Try writing down your worries or things you don’t want to forget the night before and then this can be your list to look over in the morning.

Kristen Rice Photography took this beautiful photo, you can check out her Facebook here and her website. She does amazing work if you are ever in the Buffalo or Binghamton, NY area.

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