So much is placed upon how well we sleep the night before. Everyone can function on different amount of sleep but more important is the quality.

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Tips for a good night sleep:

1. Your room should be just for sleeping. Make adjustments to make this the sole purpose. Remove televisions, desks and other things that could distract you.  A simple nightside table is all you need to hold your glasses, a book, lotion, water or anything else you might need.

2. Watching television or going on the computer before bed. This is a terrible habit that tricks your brain into thinking that it should be waking up because of the excess amount of light and stimulation. I try hard to read before bed to relax my mind and calm my thoughts. It doesn’t have to be a book, a hard copy of a magazine or catalogs will have the same benefits. Resist from surfing the web!

3. Have a routine. It’s important to make sure you have everything established before you start this. In another post, later this week, I will share by bedtime routine.

4. Wash your pillow case. Oils and dirt can build up, especially if you are like me and sleep on your stomach. Try and rotate them out every 3-4 days. Hair products and other things can build up, so make sure to wash it on hot.

5. Each night climb into a nicely made bed. I read somewhere once that this helps with restlessness. Everyone knows that there is something amazing about climbing into a freshly laundered, well made bed. Every morning throw those sheets over and take the 5 minutes to make your bed and fluff your pillows. If you live with someone close to you and you see that they didn’t have time to make their bed, do it for them. It’s a wonderful feeling to come home and realize someone took the care to make your bed.

6. Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. That nursery rhyme was always one of my favorite. Although I am naturally a morning person I think it had a lot to do with habits that were formed when I was younger. My sisters and I always went to bed at 7pm and woke up at 6am or earlier! If you are naturally a night owl looking to readjust, I find that if I am in bed before 10, waking up at 6 is a lot easier. Calculate that 8 hours.

Kristen Rice Photography took this beautiful photo, you can check out her Facebook here and her website. She does amazing work if you are ever in the Buffalo or Binghamton, NY area.

One thought on “Sleep

  1. What a lovely picture! You look like a model! Those are great ideas-I especially agree about how nice it is to get into a freshly made bed.

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